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  • Rejected Vyte's Staff Application

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    What is your Discord Username:

    What is your Minecraft IGN (In-game Username):

    How old are you?
    14 Years Old

    How many hours each week would you be able to dedicate to being staff on ReefCraft?
    14-16 Hours A Week

    What is your Timezone and/or Country?
    Pacific Day Time And My Country In The United States Of America And I Live In California

    Do you have any past Moderation experiences? If so, list them here, and explain how these experiences can help you as staff at ReefCraft?
    Yes I have had moderation on one server that server being ReefCraft, I was and ex-staff member with helper rank for a few days. I have also learned to deal with many situations with players and be mature about it. Also, as I've grown up I have learned from mistakes that I have made. I have am also very mature in chat when I privately message someone or send public messages. Along with, I have also been a moderator in many Youtubers streams. This helps me because in streams there are people who spam and curse this helps me because in many situations on servers you need to warn, mute, or even ban the player if necessary. This Is Important because I know how to listen to the person in charge and follow there directions as they liked. Additionally, I have also had youtube rank play.pvpingmc.net this helps me because as a YouTuber you want to represent the server well and also be very mature about what you say or do on the server and need to take responsibly for things that can happen on the server.

    How are you planning to assist ReefCraft in every way possible? What efforts are you going to make while staff?
    I am planning to assist ReefCraft in every way for example, muting chat if there are people spamming a lot, clearing chat if there is a link that is not appropriate, leaking someones IP like a staff members. Also if there was a hacker on the server and someone mentioned it in chat or messaged me privately I would do /V if i had access to the command, after that I would tpa to them with out them knowing and spectate them, If they where hacking I would get video proof of them hacking upload it to the forms and then get them banned. I would also do this is someone where to have an auto-clicker or where auto-grinding I would spectate them for a bit tpa them some where with the mobs and would place a mob down if I had permission if not I would contact a higher staff member with do it if they had the permission to do it. If I could not get in contact with a higher staff member then I would temp ban them with a some video proof and then wait for a higher staff member to deal with the situation. I would also dedicate my time into working with the server by helping out other players in need of help. I would also deal with very important situations or problems seriously and maturely.

    Why should we pick you as staff? What makes you worthy of Staff?
    The sever should pick me as a staff member because I am very mature for my age and I know how to deal with many important situations like someone trying to dedos the server or another player. I also can help with many situations that the server, staff members, and other players may need regarding what the situation may be I will always help someone even if it someone that may hate me or not like me but I will still give every player on the server the respect they need regarding anything about them. I will also throw in chat some fun this that can be fun for the server like trivia and start some mini games on my island like a skin comp or even some pvping events like sumo, duels, or other things to get players to have fun I would also throw in some prices for first, second, and third like some valuable things on the server or even some money.

    Do you have any struggles, moderation/helping people wise? If so, how are you planning to improve those struggles?
    No I have no problem with any situation but one thing is that if there are many players and they are all having problems it may take some time for me to get to everyone of them. I would also plan to improve on these skills because as I get more use to being staff on the server it will become more easy as I deal with similar situations that may be happening on the server.

    Is there anything else we should know about you?
    One thing that you will need to know about me is that I will not be active on Sundays due to me being with family but there are some slight chances that I will not the same is for Saturdays but I will most likely be able to play on Saturdays rather than Sundays.​


    New Member
    Hello, @ItsVyte!
    Thank you for taking the time to apply for ReefCraft, however, I will be denying your application for the following reason:
    • Permanently banned from our Discord
    All of our staff members are expected to be able to have Discord so they can help assist players with their questions/concerns in tickets.
    Not open for further replies.