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  • Rejected Visneys staff application

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    Question #1 - What's your Discord Username. My discord username is currently Visneyy#6848

    Question #2 - What's your Minecraft IGN(In-Game Username)? My current Minecraft IGN is Visneyy. I have a link to my previous IGNs


    Question #3 - How old are you? I am currently 15 years old born on March 16, 2004. Although my age is 15 when needed I can be super professional and mature

    Question #4 - How many hours each week would you be able to dedicate into being staff I can put in many hours each weak as a staff member here is a schedule of when I am available to play.

    Monday: 3:30 pm - 11 am

    Tuesday 3:30 pm - 11 am

    Wednesday 3:30 pm - 11 am

    Thursday 3:30 pm - 10 am

    Friday 3:30 pm - 2 am

    Saturday 11 am - 7 pm

    Sunday 12 pm - 11 pm

    Question #5 - What's your Timezone and/or Country? The time zone I'm currently living in is EST (Eastern Standard Time zone)

    Question #6 - Do you have any past Moderation experiences? If so, list them here, and explain how these experiences can help you as staff at ReefCraft?

    I do have past moderation experiences. One of which being is Reefcraft itself. I was a staff on Reefcraft for about 3 months in the helper position helping players in and out when they needed it the most. I had more hours than needed put into being a staff. I know all the commands as being an ex helper on Reefcraft. I believe these experiences can help benefit not only Reefcraft but myself due to I know what I am doing and I know how to handle certain situations the right way. If there are any new staff rules or any different commands from last season I will spend my time to learn them to make sure I do not mess up.

    Question #7 - How are you planning to assist ReefCraft in every way possible? What efforts are you going to make while staff?

    I am planning to assist ReefCraft in every single way possible. If a player needs help, I am there to help them. I will also do the same with other staff if staff needs help with a certain situation I will try my best to help them. I will willingly help with anything that is within my knowledge and my power as a staff member on ReefCraft. You can expect 110% effort from me as staff at all times. my efforts will go as far as helping with anything in my knowledge or within my power. I can help all of the players on Reefcraft if they are having a bad time or bad day and my goal is to make the players' day enjoyable. You will always see great efforts from me and it will reflect from the feedback you would receive from the players and maybe even other staff.

    Question #8 - Why should we pick you as staff? What makes you worthy of Staff?

    I believe you should choose me because although the other applicants have the same amount or even better skills than me I can contribute a lot of effort into making your server better. I could contribute to either building or even helping stop hackers. I am a fair player on ReefCraft if there was ever a conflict between two players I will hear both sides with no favoritism. Even with staff rank I can still people very mature. I can keep calm in certain situations that could make me mad. I am not applying to gain popularity in the server like most players. The main reason I am applying is to help the community and server. Picking me over other people applying would not only leave a great impact on the server but it would leave a great impact on the chat as well. I strongly believe in keeping the server enjoyable and to keep the server enjoyable I can contribute some features. I can contribute; keeping the chat clean, stopping cheaters/exploiters, and keeping the community fresh and clean. I am a great listener when I am told to do something I admittedly do so. I have no intention of hurting the server. I love the community and would love to be apart of the staff team. I have no intention of doing anything wrong instead of what is needed to be done. I believe I have what it takes to be apart of the staff team. I have some ideas for the server and believe it could help the community. I am a solid player that wants nothing but the best for the server. I will not abuse the staff rank if I receive it and it would be an honor if I do receive the title helper. I may even bring more players to the server (Including my friends). I believe I'm worthy of the staff title for many reasons. The most important reason being I care for the players and want to provide a safe environment for them to have fun/play in. I look forward to potentially becoming a staff member once again.

    Question #9 - Do you have any struggles, moderation/helping people wise? If so, how are you planning to improve those struggles? I do not believe I have any struggles moderating or helping people.

    What else should we know about you?

    In-game information, no. Personal life, yes. I am currently living in Maysville, Kentucky with my mother and father. I have 1 younger sibling and two older siblings. I am a very social type of person and can make friends with almost anyone. I have everything provided for me I could need. A working mic, a good enough pc to record, and a good personality. If this application is not accepted I will still play my part as helping people when needed.
    I was planning on grinding all this week, my grandma actually recently passed I haven’t been on reslly at all this week due to that though you will see me reapply
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