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  • Tropic Realm Release - OP Skyblock (Map 1)


    After months of development and a larger budget for this realm; the ReefCraft Team is proud to announce the release of the Tropic Realm Map 1 on Saturday 14th of December @ 2pm EST! This map will feature an overload of unique features listed below and is targeted for a fun feel, rather than only being competitive. Lastly, we would like to thank Riley, Confidential, Ember, Tobiti22, Rory, Staff/Management, and the ReefCraft Beta Testing Team for making this release possible!

    In the upcoming realm, we've introduced a tons of awesome features, which below, you find our explanations, and overall what to expect for this upcoming realm. We've spent nearly 5 months perfecting this realm to ensure that all our players have an enjoyable experience with this upcoming realm!



    We're introducing Races! Join a race, and you'll receive epic potion perks that you'll be able to keep for the rest of the season! After choosing a race, there is no changing, unless you have a Race change token! Select from the Orc, Elf, or Dwarf Race!




    The other first thing to do right when you first join, selecting a merchant. Now, what even are merchants? Merchants are a way of earning 30% more on sales for up to one of our three categories: Farming, Mining, and Slaying!




    You better watch out! The sheriff's about to come get you if you don't pay your taxes! Sheriff connects with merchants, taxing you 5% from your total sale, based on your Merchant. Depending on your Merchant, it will only tax you 5% off the total sell price! When the server hits a quota, a server-wide reward will be issued out.




    This unique feature brings a new way to use spawners and farm crops. Tiers introduces a way of upgrading spawners and crops, only having the access to use specific spawners or crops until you have reached a specific amount of mobs killed or crops farmed! This ensures that no matter what spawner you have, you will always have to kill lower mobs before leveling up, and as for farming, you'll have to start at the lowest crop, Wheat, and work you way up to the Cactus Crop!




    One of our greatest unique features include the way of how you'll level up your island. Nope! You won't be leveling up with Coconuts! This unique feature completely eliminates the block leveling system, and the leveling system is completely virtual. Use /coconuts to purchase coconuts, redeem by right clicking.

    If I can't upgrade my island with blocks, what are they used for then?
    They'll be used for money! Make sure you choose the Mining Merchant if you love mining, where you'll be able to sell these blocks for even more.




    These classes are used for upgrading Island Perks. Upgrade your island team size, range, and hoppers! The higher class you have, the better upgrades. Go up to a 200 x 200 island size, 21 Team Size, and 200 Hopper Limit. Along with upgrading your class, you'll also receive some extra items for your island!




    Sacred blocks, consisting of Sand and Dirt are used for increasing the growth rate by 200% and drop rate of the placed crop by 2x the original amount. This piece of sand is known to be used only by the best pirates, but now you have a chance to use it as well!




    The island only known to pirates! Purchase access to the epic features creating a exciting environment for you and experience our best unique features!

    The Factory
    The CEO works here, and his workers are working extremely hard on crafting EPIC armor just for you. Purchase this Secret Island feature to get access to MAGICAL armor!

    Deposit money into the bank and gain interest bonuses. Bonds are money the island keeps for a specific amount of days. The longer you keep it in the bank, the more money back you'll receive! Unlock this feature to literally bump your money without any work! Upgrade your rank to get even higher bond interest rates.

    Shells Shop
    Shells, the custom currency of ReefCraft. Earn shells from grinding Endermen, Diamonds, or Pumpkins. These shells can be redeemed for when you unlock the Shells Shop upgrade, giving you access to buy epic items that you can use for your skyblock island.

    Pirate Treasure
    Ever imagined stealing stuff from a pirate? Now you can! Purchase Lock Buster's from Sam the Pirate, when you unlock this upgrade and depending on how many lock busters you've purchased you can unlock OP loot! The loot can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 1.5 days to sail to the land of ReefCraft depending on how OP the loot is.




    The mailman deliveries daily, weekly, and monthly filled with awesome items! He's a hard working mailman, so you can support him by buying a rank on the store, and he might give you some extra items based on your rank!




    The island top will consists of the Top 3 Islands. Remember, you can only level up your island with Coconuts! The total amount will be $225 (Distributed).

    Island TOP #1: $100 PayPal
    Island TOP #2: $75 Store Credit
    Island TOP #3: $50 Store Credit

    These will be distributed to the island owner on the last day of the season (TBD)!
    Note: Depending on how well the map goes, we may increase these.



    Throughout the season, we'll be hosting epic events for you to participate in! These events include CTF, RedRover, and much more to come!

    Participants in these events to earn OP rewards!



    Our trailer is here! View it by clicking the link below. Along with that, there are some perks for uploading the trailer!

    Trailer Upload Rewards:
    [Download here: https://bit.ly/2sXIc0L ]
    Below 50 views: 1x Common Key
    Above 50 Views: 1x Sand Keys

    These are checked and rewarded at release! Stay tuned!


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