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  • IMPORTANT Tropic Realm Map 3 | Week One Payouts!


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    Week one payouts have been confirmed with proof! Thank you for making this season a success so far!

    FIRST PLACE ➜ SpoopyWinter ➜ $60 PayPal

    SECOND PLACE ➜ Nvidia2080Ti ➜ $30 PayPal

    THIRD PLACE ➜ Woetre ➜ $10 PayPal

    FOURTH PLACE ➜ Transformings ➜ $25 Voucher

    FIFTH PLACE ➜ TSM_Penguin ➜ $15 Voucher

    SIXTH PLACE ➜ Apezx ➜ $10 Voucher​

    Please make a post to collect your vouchers and PayPal will be handed out from the details given from
    /is setpaypal


    Don't forget that our SPLEEF event takes place tomorrow, Saturday 27th June at 3pm EST // 8pm BST (British Summer Time)

    This will be held at our /warp event, please DO NOT use your own shovels, anyone found doing so will be disqualified.


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