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    Hello to all Divers! Welcome to the official announcement of ReefCraft Skyblock Aquatic Season 1!

    In this announcement, I will be highlighting the KEY FEATURES, that ReefCraft has to offer. There are numerous additions such as fishing, marriages, snapchat, island world edit, custom hoppers etc. It's safe to say that we shot for a "fun" theme this season!

    Island Top Rewards: ($750 TOTAL VALUE)
    1st Place: $75 PayPal + $300 Buycraft
    2nd Place: $50 PayPal + $200 Buycraft
    3rd Place: $25 PayPal + $100 Buycraft

    Prizes will be handed out to the island leader, which can then be distributed to the team.

    • ISLAND WORLD EDIT (Allowing users to select blocks and use in game money to set blocks)
    • REALISTIC FISHING (Fishing is a big part of the economy, fish have "fish power". Tire them out to defeat them!)
    • MARRIAGE (Get married in game!)
    • CUSTOM ISLANDS (Choose from 7 different custom islands)
    • CUSTOM HOPPERS (Mob Hoppers, Crop Hoppers, Miner Hoppers - Upgradeable)
    • IN-GAME SNAPCHAT (Add and snap your friends in game!)
    • CUSTOM PETS (Have a unique companion)
    • KoTHs & ENVOYS (Participate in PvP for rewards and collect envoy crates!)
    • CUSTOM BOSSES (Defeat Bosses for OP rewards)
    • TOKENS CURRENCY (A separate currency that can be earned by killing mobs!)
    • QUESTS (Complete quests for rewards)
    • CLUE SCROLLS (Complete tasks for a mystery reward!)
    • MINIONS (Automate hard tasks and earn money automatically)
    • COOL UNDERWATER THEME (The entire server is under the surface of the ocean!)
    Screenshots and sneak-peaks are available in the discord! (https://reefcraft.net/discord)

    Thank you for reading,
    ReefCraft Management Team

    Not open for further replies.