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  • Rejected Pumbalo's awesome staff application

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    What is your Discord Username (e.g. John#0001)? Pumbalo#0999

    What is your Minecraft IGN (In-game Username)? Pumbalo

    How old are you? 18

    How many hours each week would you be able to dedicate to being staff on ReefCraft? not really sure about that, but at least 2-3 hrs a day, depending on my private life and studies of course.

    What is your Timezone and/or Country? I am from Sweden, CET(Central European Time) (CEST starts at 29th march (Central European Summer Time))

    Do you have any past Moderation experiences? If so, list them here, and explain how these experiences can help you as staff at ReefCraft? I have modded twice before, nothing really super serious, a small server with a couple of players. I do know a lot of staff and a few members on my island are staff on other servers so I know how it works!

    How are you planning to assist ReefCraft in every way possible? What efforts are you going to make while staff?
    Good question!
    I will make sure work gets done, make the server a happy place and make sure players enjoy their stay on the server. Of course make sure the players that are not following rules will be punished!

    Why should we pick you as staff? What makes you worthy of Staff?
    What makes me worthy of being staff is most likely my activity, I am a really active player.
    I am also a very quick learner, I know a lot about computers so ss'ing will be an ease for me!

    Do you have any struggles, moderation/helping people wise? If so, how are you planning to improve those struggles?
    No I dont think so, but if there is I will make sure to tell you!

    Is there anything else we should know about you?
    I know coding, HTML & CSS :D
    I study programming in school, I am currently learning a bit of JAVA, if there is anything you will add/change, sending it to me for practice would be much appreciated!

    Simon "Pumbalo"


    New Member

    After we had closely reviewed your application, we have decided to deny your application. We found your application did not meet the requirements of our server due to a lack of detail/experience.

    On behalf of the whole staff team, we appreciate you took time out of your day to fill in an application and we wish you the best of luck if you decide to apply again in the future!

    You may re-apply in 2 weeks!

    ~ Management Team
    Not open for further replies.