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  • Rejected ProChilli's Staff Application

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    TITLE: ProChilli's Staff Application

    What is your Discord Username - ProChilli#5007

    What is your Minecraft IGN - ProChilli

    How old are you? 15 (turning 16 in 5 days)

    How many hours each week would you be able to dedicate to being staff on ReefCraft?

    Well recently I have dropped out of school and I will be looking for a job after this COVID-19 Stops, but that won't stop me from playing this amazing skyblock server, I would say I am able to put in 14 or more hours a week as required.

    What is your Timezone and/or Country?

    I live in Australia QLD (Queensland)

    Do you have any past Moderation experiences? If so, list them here, and explain how these experiences can help you as staff at ReefCraft?

    Yes i used to own my own Skyblock server last year but couldn't afford it due to not having enough money, not going to lie it wasn't a big successful server like this one, max players on at a time would probably be around 10 - 30 players. My server was called SkyTeria. and i have been co-owner on a server called galactic network a few years ago until the owner decided to ban everyone including me.

    How are you planning to assist ReefCraft in every way possible? What efforts are you going to make while staff?

    Well i used to run a server so i know it can be difficult at some times but i know my way around a lot of plugins and commands and in general i made my server because i love the feeling of helping people, i don't go to school, i don't have a job and i'm stuck in my room pretty much all day so helping my fellow member of my old server was my job and i was damn good at it to. Its been probably 6 months since my server shut down, and i have just felt empty. Helping players or even other staff setup custom commands or new plugins ect. is what i love doing and its what im best at.

    Why should we pick you as staff? What makes you worthy of Staff?

    Well like i mentioned before i used to run my own server and i was really good at it, i can commit to all the requirement, i have a lot of free time on my hands and i love helping people that are in need of assistance.

    Do you have any struggles, moderation/helping people wise? If so, how are you planning to improve those struggles?

    Is there anything else we should know about you?

    My name is Logan and i am turning 16 in 5 days, i absolutely love playing minecraft and i really miss my server so i figured i could possible help out another server and not have to worry about losing it again, im friendly to the community, and really good with server setups, helping people in need, plugins and setting up custom stuff.


    New Member

    After we had closely reviewed your application, we have decided to deny your application. We found that your application did not meet the requirements of our server due to a lack of detail/experience.

    On behalf of the whole staff team, we appreciate you took time out of your day to fill in an application and we wish you the best of luck if you decide to apply again in the future!

    You may re-apply in 2 weeks!

    ~ Management Team
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