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  • Rejected Nvidia2080Ti's Staff Application

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    Nvidia2080Ti's Staff Application

    What is your Discord Username?


    What is your In-Game Name?


    How old are you?

    I am currently 16 years old.

    How many hours are you able to be active?

    I will be able to allocate about 35-45 hours per week to being staff on ReefCraft.

    What is your Timezone?

    Eastern Standard Time

    Past Helper/Moderator experience?

    Yes, I have hosted a bunch of different public and private Minecraft servers in the past with varying different staff positions ranging from Owner all the way down to Helper. Being staff on these servers can help me as staff on ReefCraft because I understand most of the inner workings of a Minecraft server and have the accompanying maturity to keep and hold a staff position and respond to many different problems that a staff member may face on a day to day basis.

    How are you planning to assist ReefCraft in every way possible?

    I plan to help ReefCraft by moderating messages in the chat, answering questions asked by players, and helping the community in every way I can. I can also test new additions or features to the game and help higher staff members roll out new updates for the server more smoothly. As a staff member, I also plan to keep the community under control and in check while also helping provide a better and happier environment for the players on the server.

    What efforts are you going to make while staff?

    As a staff member, I plan to moderate chat, warn, and or punish rule breakers and generally help the server and players in every way I can. I have experience on a multitude of different servers and know how to properly use staff powers and commands to warn or punish severe rule breakers that are on the network. This includes not abusing commands and knowing how to properly deal with rule-breakers out of my range of power by reporting them quickly to higher-level staff members.

    Why should we pick you as a Helper?

    I should be chosen as a helper on the server because I can help keep the community under control and generally help the server as a whole. This can include rolling out smoother updates, keeping the chat clean, and keeping the server a happy and enjoyable place to play. I can also help by keeping the server a cleaner place by properly punishing players that don’t abide by the server's rules.

    Do you have any struggles with moderating?

    Currently, I do not think I have any struggles with moderating on Discord or on the Minecraft Server. I am well versed in low-level moderation commands and have the proper maturity to be able to properly use those commands without abusing or overusing them.

    Extra Info

    I was previously a helper on the network during Tropic Season 2 and was one of the most active players during the season. I plan to allocate the same or more time as last season as being staff for the new upcoming season 3 release.

    Since being demoted, I have thought about my past decisions and have realized how inconsiderate and unfair what I did was. I personally think I have changed for the better and don't see myself having any other / more problems in the future. I still see myself fit for a staff position because of my high determination and being able to help everyone in any shape or form.

    I see perfectly well why I was demoted and understand completely why the particular action was taken. What I did was not allowed and the accompanying punishment was rightfully applied.

    I feel that despite what has happened I can still continue to help the server in every way I know how.

    - Nvidia



    Hello there! Collectively, the Management and Administration Team has decided to deny your application.

    We have decided to deny your application for the following reasons:

    • Immature past
    • Negative past

    We would like to see you be positive in the community, and we'll be watching how you act! If you would like to apply again, please learn from the above, and you can do it again in 2 weeks.

    Thank you for your time,
    Management + Administration Team
    Not open for further replies.