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  • Rejected Nvidia2080Ti's Staff Application

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    Nvidia2080Ti's Staff Application

    What is your Discord Username?
    Current Discord name and tag is Zephy#0010

    What is your Minecraft IGN?
    My current in-game name is: Nvidia2080Ti

    How old are you?
    I am currently 16 years old

    How many hours each week would you be able to dedicate to being staff on ReefCraft?
    I will be able to dedicate a comfortable 25-35 hours per week to being staff on ReefCraft.

    What timezone are you in?
    Eastern Standard Time

    What country do you live in?
    The United States of America

    Do you have any past Moderation experiences?
    Yes, I have run and hosted many different private / public Minecraft servers in the past with varying different staff positions ranging from Owner all the way down to Helper. These experiences can help me as staff on ReefCraft because I understand most of the inner workings of a Minecraft server and have the accompanying maturity to keep and hold a staff position and respond to different problems that a staff member may face on a day to day basis.

    What efforts are you going to make while being staff?
    I plan to try and help with both the background and the foreground of the server. I have some knowledge of the backend of servers and will help in any way I know how and try to fix any lag problems or with implementing new features. I will also help as a chat moderator and will take appropriate action on any rule breakers / exploiters on the server.

    What makes you worthy of staff?
    I think I should join the staff team because of my past experiences with owning / being staff on different servers. I understand most parts of a Minecraft server and will try to help in any way I can to benefit both the staff team and the server's players.

    Do you have any current struggles with being staff?

    Currently I do not have any struggles as a staff member but if I were to encounter a problem I will attempt to fix it on my own with past knowledge. If the problem were out of my range of help or was too severe I would immediately forward it to a higher staff member that would be able to fix the problem.

    Is there anything else we should know about you?
    It’s not much of a notable fact but I have done minor plugin development. However, my Java knowledge is very very limited.


    New Member

    After we had closely reviewed your application, we have decided to accept your application and invite you to join our staff team.

    We found this application to not meet the requirements, but it was well written and packed with detail, and we believe you have the correct qualities to succeed as a staff member on ReefCraft! Whenever you have time message me on discord (Sweepy#1111) to get you settled in!

    ~ Management Team
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