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  • GLOBAL News Updates - Moving to Forums


    Network Manager

    Hello ReefCraft!

    Some exciting updates for you all today! Our senior team has decided that it would best for us to COMPLETELY move our News, Sneak Peaks, Polls, all to our forums! It will ensure that ReefCraft stays organized for whatever is yet to come.

    The following will be moved to the forums:

    • Server News (Events, Updates, Etc.)
    • Server Maintenance
    • Changelogs
    • Polls
    • Sneak Peaks
    • Island Top Payout Information (Skyblock)
    How will I know about the posts if I don't normally check forums?

    We will have a bot in place that will ping users and a link to the thread each time we post something. However, we want our community to start talking with each other on the forums as it will put our forums to the full potential use!

    [Written by: Confidential | Art Designed by: Confidential]