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  • Rejected Mystic's Staff Application

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    My discord username is Cute Mystic#3498.
    My ingame name is Mysticxd12.
    I am 12 years old.
    It really depends on the week but i can dedicate atleast 20 hours a week.
    I am from EU the country is Latvia.
    I used to be a manager in a server but that server isnt a server anymore i helped alot in it but it sadly went downhill.These expieriences can help me in being staff in ReefCraft becouse i have helped people before and done alot of stuff so i think that could benefit me in the server.
    I am planning to assist with anything that is required for example.Any events, any ideas for new stuff, helping others who need help with anything ingame or in the discord server. I am going to try my hardest and the most i can to make ReefCraft the best server.
    You should pick me for staff becouse i think i chould help with alot that is needed im a really smart person who can waste time in his day to help the server as much as possible. I hope that all my expierience can benefit the server.
    I do not have any struggles helping or moderating unless i dont know what they are talking about thats the only way i will have struggle but if i will have a struggle moderating i will ask a higher staff or diffrent staff to help me with the problem or i can ask someone else what that is.
    I dont think there is anything else i chould say about myself all i chould say is i am calm, patient and i will not start problems with anyone for no reason.


    New Member
    Hello, @Mysticxd12!
    Thank you for taking the time to apply for ReefCraft.

    Your application has been rejected for the following reasons:
    • Your application lacks effort and detail
    • You have 4 punishments; 2 for disrespect, 1 for spam and the other for advertising.
    In order to be considered, players must put effort into their application, which detail comes into play. Your application also must be detailed.

    We also cannot have any players on our staff team if they do not abide by our rules, as that is part of the role of being a Helper and above.
    Not open for further replies.