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  • [Official] Media Applications & Format

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    In order to be considered for the Media/YouTuber role, you must read the following requirements and you must meet them.
    Failure to meet the requirements may result in your application being rejected.

    • Must have a minimum of 750 subscribers
    • Your views must correspond with your subscriber amount to ensure that your channel runs on a genuine playerbase.
    • You must have at least TWO VIDEOS on ReefCraft, this will get us a feel on what your style of channel is (We will count one of your videos as a trailer re-upload under certain circumstances.
    If you are accepted as Media on ReefCraft you must agree to the following;
    • Upload at least twice a week on ReefCraft with these videos lasting no less than 10 minutes.
    • If you have a Discord server with a following you must be able to invite your fans to our Discord or spread our IP there! (Due to Discord TOS, we do not endorse advertising to players via DMs so please keep this to announcement chats)
    We currently do not have an auto-format for the title and the questions so you will need to copy the format, paste it into your thread and answer each question.

    For organisation purposes, please ensure that your title says; "(name) Application)"
    Example: TomTheMelon Application

    1. What is your Discord Username? (example: name#1111)
    2. What is your In-Game Name?
    3. How many subscribers do you have?
    4. What is your channel name (If this is not easily find able, a link is preferred).
    5. How many videos have you done on ReefCraft (We will count one of your videos as a trailer re-upload under certain circumstances).
    What is the average amount of views per Minecraft video on your channel.
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