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  • Rejected Luap666 application

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    1. What is your Discord Username? GZG MadHouse#7743
    2. What is your In-Game Name? Luap666
    3. How old are you? 15
    4. How many hours are you able to be active for? est 8 hours a day roughly 40+ hours a week
    5. What is your Timezone? GMT
    6. Past Helper/Moderator experience? i am currently a corporal of a gaming community which i deal with minor toxicity during gamenights some of which i host myself
    6.1 If so, please explain how these experiences can help you as a Helper on ReefCraft? where i deal with minor toxicity and i help people by answering question helping them find what they need to find in the discord server in the gaming community that i am appart of
    How are you planning to assist ReefCraft in every way possible? What efforts are you going to make while staff? i will help people when needed within reason answer peoples questions and if i cant do what someone needs help i would ask someone else on the staff team to help out and if they cant help somone of a higher position in the staff team
    7. Why should we pick you as a Helper? because i think i have what it takes to perform the responabilities of the staff position helper
    7.1 Do you have any struggles with moderating? If so, please list what those struggles are. nothing really just when people try spamming me



    Hello there! Collectively, the Management and Administration Team has decided to deny your application.

    We have decided to deny your application for the following reasons:

    • Not descriptive enough
    • Incorrect grammar
    • An extensive punishment history

    If you would like to apply again, please do so in 2 weeks, and improve on your application!

    Thank you for your time,
    Management + Administration Team
    Not open for further replies.