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  • [Official] Helper Application Requirements & Format

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    Application Requirements:
    In order to be considered for the Helper role, you must read the following requirements and you must meet them.
    Failure to meet the requirements may result in your application being rejected.

    • Must be 14 or above
    • Must have a minimum of 500 words in your application. The following are not included in the 500 minimum requirement
      • In-Game Name
      • Discord
      • Age
      • Hours you can put into ReefCraft
      • Time-Zone
    • Must have a high level of
      • Maturity
      • Patience
    • Access to Discord for communication
      • Cannot be banned on our Discord server
      • Mic not required
    • Able to commit at least 14 hrs/week into being a staff member.
    • Cannot be a staff member on any other Minecraft server
    • Able to show activity on our platforms. (In-Game and Discord)
    • Punishments in the past 30 days
      • You cannot have 4 or more punishments for minor offenses
      • You cannot have any punishments for serious offenses
    If you are accepted as a Helper, you cannot do the following on the account you have the staff rank on:
    • Have more than 2 colors in your nick
    • Have a customized nick. Your nick must start with the first 3 letters of your IGN
    We currently do not have an auto-format for the title and the questions so you will need to copy the format, paste it into your thread, and answer each question.

    For organization purposes, please ensure that your title says; "(name) Application)"
    Example: Pumbalo Application

    1. What is your Discord Username? (example: name#1111)
    2. What is your In-Game Minecraft Username?
    3. How old are you?
    4. How many hours are you able to be active on ReefCraft on a weekly basis?
    5. What is your Timezone?
    6. Past Helper/Moderator experience?
    6.1 If so, please explain how these experiences can help you as a Helper on ReefCraft.
    7. How are you planning to assist ReefCraft in every way possible?
    8. Why should we pick you as a Helper?
    8.1 Do you have any struggles with moderating? If so, please list what those struggles are.
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