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  • Rejected Helper Application - oMojang

    1. What is your Discord Username? (example: name#1111)

    2. What is your In-Game Name?

    3. How old are you?

    4. How many hours are you able to be active for?
    I am available on about 1-4 hours on weekdays and 4+ hours on weekends.

    5. What is your Timezone?

    6. Past Helper/Moderator experience?

    I have moderated and managed a few discord servers and a small Minecraft server in the past. Even though they were not that big, I still learned a lot from it. During that process, I learned how to work in a team, and cooperate with others. I moderate the chat in Discords and just generally chat or answer questions from others. Communication, in my opinion, is the most important skill a helper should have, and I think I possess them.

    In addition, I have also helped with a few servers such as Ryflare, previously owned by TomTheMelon (Which you guys should know), and also development on SkyRuby (A previous Skyblock server). All in all, I think I will be a great fit for this role since I have a good amount of experience and is willing to contribute to this role.

    7. Why should we pick you as a Helper?

    You should pick me as a Helper since I am good to work with, friendly, and has a lot of experience. Holidays are coming, making me able to spend more time on the server since I get more free time. Also, my timezone is different from most of the people I know, making me able to be on the server, when most of the staff are not.

    Moderating is not a hard problem since I am familiar with it. Many servers have a different permission and concept of being Helper. Some have no permissions, only being able to moderating chat, and some have temp ban perms and more. Moderating could sometimes be hard, dealing with people that do not want to cooperate, but I eventually could find a way to sort things out.


    Community Administrator

    Hello there! Collectively, the Management and Administration Team has decided to deny your application.

    We have decided to deny your application for the following reason:

    • Inactivity throughout the community -

    Please get to know the community more and be a little more active, you can reapply in two weeks!

    Thank you for your time,
    Management + Administration Team