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  • Rejected EvonyGaming's Staff Application

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    IGN: EvonyGaming
    Discord: EvonyGaming#0648
    Age: 17
    Time I can be on the server: I can spend about 20 hour a week if school starts back up or more than 20 hour the way it is without school.
    Country/Time Zone: North America CTS

    Past experience: I do not have any actual experience as being staff But I have helped a lot of people in discord(own and other servers) and ingame. I have also ran a power faction in the past for many season on different servers (power factions = 30 or more players from all time zones) (faction name is Pasta)

    In the last couple of days I have learned so much about the server I have learned how the server works. So when new players join the server and have questions I can answer them with ease. Because I already had those same questions most likely. I am going to give more effort in being active in the community and try to be more active.

    I feel like I could bring a lot of people to the server since I am trying to start up my YouTube channel and I just like helping people no matter the task. I am a grinder so I like working on stuff. So if you throw me a task I will complete it. The main part of my life I try my hardest not to be a toxic member of a community sometime I just slip up and it happens but not often It take a lot of stuff to happen in order for me to slip up and be toxic( its what I get for playing faction very toxic community).

    I don't think that I will have any problems moderation the server and If I do I will fix it some way shape or form.
    The last thing that I have to say is as I said before I am trying to start up my YouTube channel but when I play I don't afk unless it for like 5 to 10 min.
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    After we had closely reviewed your application, we have decided to deny your application. We found your application did not meet the requirements of our server due to a lack of detail/experience.

    On behalf of the whole staff team, we appreciate you took time out of your day to fill in an application and we wish you the best of luck if you decide to apply again in the future!

    You may re-apply in 2 weeks!

    ~ Management Team
    Not open for further replies.