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  • Rejected EnslavedDarkness' Staff Application

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    1. What is your Discord Username? (example: name#1111)
    My Discord username and tag is: LoM_Duckz_arelit.
    2. What is your In-Game Name?
    My In-Game Name is: EnslavedDarkness.
    3. How old are you?
    I am 11 Years old, becoming 12 in 1 month and 14 days.
    4. How many hours are you able to be active for?
    I am able to be on ReefCraft for 6-8 Hours per day. 9am-8pm
    5. What is your Timezone?
    My Timezone is GMT. (Greenwich Mean Time)
    6. Past Helper/Moderator experience?
    No I haven't but I believe I am still able to be staff on ReefCraft.
    6.1 If so, please explain how these experience scan help you as a Helper on ReefCraft.
    How are you planning to assist ReefCraft in every way possible? What efforts are you going to make while staff?
    I am planning to learn more and help every single person on the server. I am a good role model and I am inclined to learn more and create an extremely fun environment I believe I can fit in and hope to be accepted. I will help people with their problems and if there is an argument I will find the best way to neutralise the situation. I believe that it's what the players think that makes the server good, so I will make sure that I create a good impression so they have a good opinion of the server so they share it with other players so they can have the same wonderful experience they had. If i mess up I will own up to it and realise where I went wrong and correct the mistake. I will do everything within my power to make sure every single player has an enjoyable experience. I will be as professional as I can and be a great staff member. If i do encounter a rude person I will try to diffuse the situation because in real life my friend has anger issues and every time someone is going to get hurt I go an diffuse the situation making them say sorry to each other. I have leadership experience as well whenever I have chosen to be leader of projects, I have always made sure everyone is alright and is suitable for their positions and we have gotten 1st place 70% of the time.
    7. Why should we pick you as a Helper?
    You should pick me a Helper because I will reduce the number of rude people, people that spam and more. I have encountered many of these people as a new player and I don't want new people to feel the way I did. I will make the server a better place and make it more enjoyable. Also, I will help come up with new ideas and events to make the server even better. I wish to make the server more enjoyable so people can have an amazing experience.
    7.1 Do you have any struggles with moderating? If so, please list what those struggles are.
    I struggle to learn all the commands as I haven't been staff anywhere before. But I should be able to learn them pretty fast as I am a fast learner.

    I hope this application gets accepted as I believe that I can and will make the server better
    have a good day!
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    Hello, @EnslavedDarkness!
    Thank you for taking the time to apply for ReefCraft.

    Your application has been denied for the following reasons:
    • Failure to meet the 500 minimum word count
    • You have 5 punishments between your main account and your 2 alternative accounts
    • Account security not stable
    You have recently let us know that your accounts were hacked not only once but twice and you had concerns it would happen a third time. In order for someone to be considered, their account security must be stable. I get that things happen but if your account is being hacked more than once, something is up and we cannot risk having someone as a staff member when their account is seemingly prone to being compromised.
    Not open for further replies.