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  • Rejected EmilKJensen's Staff Application

    Hello! My name is Emil and I really want to apply for staff. I played on here for a good time now, and found the server through RIVERRAIN123's stream. When i play on here, i get happy. There is always someone to talk to. Buuuut sometimes I see that theres no staffs online. Thats a shame so i want to do something to stop that! I made my own version of the apply.

    Why do you want to be staff?
    I want to be staff because sometimes I see that theres no staffs online. Also, I want to help people if they have problems/questions. I have a lot of experience from alot of servers. A bunch of danish, and some english. So i know most of the commands and rules.

    What is your IGN?
    My name ingame is EmilKJensen.

    What is your IRL name?
    My name in real life is Emil.

    How old are you?
    Im 13 but i hope its fine.

    Why should we pick you as staff? What makes you worthy of Staff?
    Because, like i said, i have alot of experience and know the rules and commands. Theres maybe a few commands i dont know, but its probably easy to learn. On the most of the servers I been staff on, they told me that I was good, and helpful. If i get accepted, i hope u think the same :).

    How do we contact u?
    Discord : Ikke Emil#4287
    On the discord server, my nick is EmilKJensen

    How many hours a week can u play?
    Because of corona i can play like, 10-14 hours every week. And when corona is over probably like 10 hours.

    What timezone / country?
    Im from Denmark, and i dont really know timezones lmao.

    Do you have any past Moderation experiences?
    YES! I have alot! From english and danish servers, and that can help me with answering questions, helping people better, and the experiences helped me know the commands.

    How are you planning to assist ReefCraft in every way possible?
    I want to help answering questions, ban hackers, mute spammers. I want to make ReefCraft a better server for EVERYONE! Sometimes I see spammers and people typing with caps, and i want to stop that.

    Do you have any struggles, moderation/helping people wise?
    No I dont have struggles helping people. Im always helping when i can! :)

    Is there anything else we should know about you?
    No i dont really think so. Oh yes im 13 so im in school 5 days a week.


    If you see a hacker, what will you do?
    I will first off all tell them to turn it off, or get banned. If they dont turn off, I will ban them for hacking.

    If someone is spamming in chat, what you do?
    I will probably say something like Stop spamming or you will get muted! If they keep doing it its a mute of course.

    Thank you for taking your time to read my application! I hope its okay i set it up like this :)
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