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  • IMPORTANT Aquatic Season 1 | $750 PAYOUT!



    Hey everyone! After several months of hard work, we are happy to announce Aquatic Season 1! This forum post will contain a few of our features for this season!

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    This is an old event, that we have been revamping a bit to make it fun and enjoyable! This event occurs a bit now and then, in /warp PVP!
    The point of this event is to mine the Redstone block, the player with the most blocks mined wins the event!
    But watch out! If you mine for too long you might get too tired so you cannot mine anymore!



    A lot has happened in Secret! The Pet Shop has finally arrived on the island, who holds OP pets.
    [+] Eagle Pet > Increase Fly Speed
    [+] Dog Pet > Gives Haste Effect
    [+] Tiger Pet > Gives Bubble Multiplier
    [+] Turtle Pet > Gives EXP Multiplier
    [+] Gorilla Pet > Gives Double Hearts & Increased Attack Damage
    [+] Hippo Pet > Gives A Personal Chest!

    Pet Keeper.png

    The Secret Bank has also gone under construction for the next few weeks! More to come...

    secret bank.png


    A brand new TIER System has been implemented! This has also been merged within the old Merchant - so you now level up your sell bonus. But! This sell bonus now only applies to /sell hand - /sell all and not collectors, so choose which tiers you wanna level up wisely...
    This new tier system also allows the island to work together, so you no longer have to do everything by yourself!


    The Traders appear every 3 days, there are a total of 6 traders with 6 different professions! Make sure to check the shop every 3 days to see what they have to offer!



    For this season, we have also gotten ourselves a brand new spawn which we are very proud of! Make sure to explore it to find everything it has to offer!


    Spawner Upgrades.png

    We have also added a spawner upgrade feature! You can now increase the speed and rate of your spawner!

    Starting off with Efficiency:
    A normal spawner will work at 0.25x the speed of a normal spawner, which you now level up to get it to 1x speed! There are a total of 4 levels, and each level increases the speed by 25%!

    A normal spawner, without any rate upgrades, will spawn 1x per spawner. Meaning if you have 64x spawners, it will spawn 64x of that mob kind. There are a total of 4 levels here as well, and each level increases how many mobs there shall spawn, so level 2 would in this case spawn 128x mobs, level 3 192x mobs, and level 4 256x mobs!

    spawner upgrade.png


    As you might know, I (Pumbalo) became manager for ReefCraft not so long ago, and have not been aware of the changes happening before me. I have tried to get a list of all the new features, but I might be missing some. Here are a few changes that have been in place when I have been a manager for ReefCraft.
    [+] Keys | All keys have gotten a new loot table and new names (See Here)
    [+] Ranks has been reset and renamed (See Here)
    [+] New Spawn
    [+] New Hub
    [+] Shock Crate has been removed and replaced with GamePlay Crate.
    [+] 27 new Tags
    [+] 2 New tag bags
    [+] New ECO
    [+] Fish Merchant has gotten a massive buff.
    [+] Pets has been added
    [+] Tokens has been renamed to Bubbles
    [+] Island size has been increased from max 225x225 to max 350x350
    [+] Traders has been added
    [+] New crates plugin for Monthly crates & GamePlay Crates
    [+] GKit has been modified slightly
    [+] New Tiers system
    [+] Coconuts has been renamed to Shells
    [+] Races has been renamed (See Here)
    [+] Several Bags and Boxes have been removed, and the loot table has been changed (See Here)
    [+] Chunk Collectors sell speed has been reduced from 35s > 20s
    [+] Island limit or Chunk Collectors has been increased to 30 per island
    [+] ScoreBoards has been changed to a more Aquatic Theme
    [+] A new SlotBot plugin has been added, with a Credit shop that has a new item every 12 hours
    [+] Voting now gives you +$100,000 instead of +$50,000
    [+] A new event called BTB (Break The Block) has been added
    [+] Spawner upgrades have been implemented
    [+] The Secret Bank is under construction for the next few weeks
    [+] New store theme
    [+] New Rules (See Here)
    [+] New Buycraft Icons
    [+] Several crates have been buffed
    [+] Treasure have been buffed & increased delay for each treasure
    [+] Several crates have been buffed
    [+] New AH plugin
    [+] Jackpot has been removed
    [+] Bruce's drinks have been increased



    #1: $75 PayPal or $125 Buycraft
    #2: $50 PayPal or $100 Buycraft
    #3: $25 PayPal or $75 Buycraft
    #4: $50 Buycraft
    #5: $25 Buycraft

    Good Luck Everyone!


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