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  • Accepted Allen's Helper Application


    1. What is your Discord Username? (example: name#1111)
    2. What is your In-Game Minecraft Username?
    3. How old are you?
    4. How many hours are you able to be active on ReefCraft on a weekly basis?
    5. What is your Timezone?
    6. Past Helper/Moderator experience?
    6.1 If so, please explain how these experiences can help you as a Helper on ReefCraft.
    7. How are you planning to assist ReefCraft in every way possible?
    8. Why should we pick you as a Helper?

    8.1 Do you have any struggles with moderating? If so, please list what those struggles are.

    1. Allen#8921
    2. allenle4
    3. 17 years of age
    4. I will be able to dedicate at least 20 hours a week on ReefCraft.
    5. EST, from Ontario, Canada.

    CoreHQ - Ex Moderator - It was a 1.8 Minecraft server, that was a hub server, which included the following: Skyblock, and OP Factions. I was staff on it about 2-3 years ago, and I was a member of the staff team for a few months.

    VenomHQ - Ex Admin - It was a 1.7.10 Minecraft server, it was also a hub server, which included the following: HCF & Factions( Never opened up). I was staff on it 2 years ago, and was a member of the staff team for 2 months before it fully shut down.

    HyakkaouMC - Ex Co-Owner - It is currently a Minecraft server in the making, it's a 1.16.1 Survival server with custom plugins, and custom things to do! I have been apart of the staff team for a few weeks. It's a project I was in the making with a few friends.

    PrisonMaddness - Ex Trial-Mod - It's a Prison server that released a few weeks ago, and is soon to release a HCF server. I mainly maintain the chat, and not do much, but when I reach Moderator, I am capable to do more.

    AstroniaMC - Ex Admin (Was offered a paid manager position, but turned it down) - It's a Skyblock server that released a week ago, and averages around 20-30 players a day. Big youtubers, such as: RiverRain123 plays on it. I maintain the chat, but mainly deals with cheaters, and mainly bans players. I get a lot of say within the Server, as an Administrator, I am currently the third highest Staff Member, excluding Developers, and Managers.

    BreachPvP - Ex Jr.Mod - It's a Factions server that's been out for a couple months, that has huge potential. It averages around 30-50 players a day, which is solid for Factions. I maintain the chat, and tickets in the discord to help out the community.

    GrimPvP - Ex Helper - It's a factions server that's been out for a bit now, it's got custom enchants, and seems like one of those Cosmicpvp test servers. I help main the discord chat, server chat, and am proving myself that I am a worthy staff member, and am here to help out the community.

    I have been staff on other servers, it's just been too long for myself to remember, I have owned a few servers as an Owner, but it didn't go far, and had to shut it down as High School was approaching. I am currently free for a few months, and I have plenty of time on my hands to maintain my activity.

    6.1. These past Minecraft Staffing experience is able to help me as a Helper because I have many experiences, ranging from Helper, all the way up to being offered a paid manager position. The highest position I've reached was Admin in the last few months. That is all off topic, but, it'll help me be a Helper because I do have past experience, I do know how to handle players in most ways possible. I have had nothing, but a good reputation on each server. I do know how to be a Staff Member, I believe, I am capable of many things, such as, handling the in-game chat, handling the discord chat, handling tickets, and dealing with cheaters, such as; Hackers, dupers, or cheating in general, which could be exploiting bugs, using bugs as an advantage, doing anything that isn't allowed on the server, such as illegal mods, illegal texture packs. I have had a lot of experience with those type of players, so I do know how to handle them, I have learned on how to deal with them, and all the toxic players that may come to the server. I have been able to control myself quite well in tense situations.

    7. I do believe ReefCraft's team should pick myself as a Helper as I do have past experience, I know how to handle with players, I know how to handle the server chat, discord chat, tickets, and all the cheaters. I am a highly dedicated, active, and mature person. When I am working on something, such as, handling the server chat, I will stay focused, and do that, but I am capable of multitasking, such as, handling the chat while playing the server. I will always focus on dedicating myself to help the community over myself playing the server, as I would rather them have a fun time. I'm really active because I am always online, every single day, and I can be on the Minecraft server for a long time each day. I am always on Discord, so I will always be maintaining the Discord chat, and tickets. I am a mature person as I do not get angry quickly, I am able to maintain my anger, and not take it out on the players, or the community. I am professional at all times, in the Minecraft server chat, or the Discord chat. I am always professional with players I do like, and players I do hate. Even if I hate someone, I will not be different to them as I am to players I like, or do not know. I do believe I have what it takes to be a Staff Member on ReefCraft, and I do hope this application does take me far.

    8. The only struggles I have is some anger issues, if someone makes myself frustrated, but I am capable of handling it well, and not taking it out on players.

    Thank you for reading!