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    IMPORTANT Tropic Realm Map 3 | Week One Payouts!

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    Week one payouts have been confirmed with proof! Thank you for making this season a success so far!

    FIRST PLACE ➜ SpoopyWinter ➜ $60 PayPal

    SECOND PLACE ➜ Nvidia2080Ti ➜ $30 PayPal

    THIRD PLACE ➜ Woetre ➜ $10 PayPal

    FOURTH PLACE ➜ Transformings ➜ $25 Voucher

    FIFTH PLACE ➜ TSM_Penguin ➜ $15 Voucher

    SIXTH PLACE ➜ Apezx ➜ $10 Voucher​

    Please make a post to collect your vouchers and PayPal will be handed out from the details given from
    /is setpaypal


    Don't forget that our SPLEEF event takes place tomorrow, Saturday 27th June at 3pm EST // 8pm BST (British Summer Time)

    This will be held at our /warp event, please DO NOT use your own shovels, anyone found doing so will be disqualified.

    NEWS ReefCraft Map 3 | $750 ISLAND TOP | THIS FRIDAY

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    Hello all,

    After several months of working on the Tropic Realm, the ReefCraft Team is ready to present our community with MAP 3! Many, many new features have been added, and throughout this post, you'll be getting a peak into what those features are. Last week we had a change in our ownership, and I'm excited to welcome @Nicholas as the new owner of the ReefCraft Network!

    Now to the our new features...


    A newly introduced secret island area, Dungeons, is a grindy, fun, and wicked feature for everyone! There are four different tiers and mobs: Possessed Zombie, Wicked Skeleton, Cursed Spider, and Dungeon Scavenger. You're able to sell their drops in the Dungeons Shop.

    Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 7.45.08 PM.png (( Click to enlarge image ))

    However, there is one catch! Before being able to kill mobs of higher tiers, you must complete the challenges that your...


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    Hello everyone!
    After 1.5 months of development and server improvements, we are proud to be able to release the 2nd map of the Tropic Realm! Tropic Realm - Map 2 will be releasing on Saturday, 21st of March, 2020 (2 PM EST). In this upcoming realm, we have introduced plenty of more unique features to the server for all of you are able to enjoy to the fullest! Below you are able to see the main changes and plenty of more information about Map 2.


    • Added Sandy Shores - a custom fishing experience.
    • Added more tiers to be unlocked.
    • Added more events (LMS, CTF, WOOL SHUFFLE) - more events are being added in the future!
    • Added PVP Farms.
    • Improved economy for fishing and farming.
    • VoidChest limit is now 5.
    • Duels added.
    • Miner Hoppers added.
    • Most suggestions by the community added.
    • Player Shops have been added.
    • Small tweaks with overall server presentation.
    (Still taking suggestions so...

    Tropic Realm Release - OP Skyblock (Map 1)

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    After months of development and a larger budget for this realm; the ReefCraft Team is proud to announce the release of the Tropic Realm Map 1 on Saturday 14th of December @ 2pm EST! This map will feature an overload of unique features listed below and is targeted for a fun feel, rather than only being competitive. Lastly, we would like to thank Riley, Confidential, Ember, Tobiti22, Rory, Staff/Management, and the ReefCraft Beta Testing Team for making this release possible!

    In the upcoming realm, we've introduced a tons of awesome features, which below, you find our explanations, and overall what to expect for this upcoming realm. We've spent nearly 5 months perfecting this realm to ensure that all our players have an enjoyable experience with this upcoming realm!



    We're introducing Races! Join a race, and you'll receive epic potion perks that...

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