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    IMPORTANT Server Rules

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    Server Rules

    We take these rules very seriously and if you are seen breaking any of these rules, you will be punished accordingly by our staff team. To ensure a safe and fun community, please follow these rules. If you have any questions or concerns about any of the rules listed above, feel free to contact a staff member!

    Chat Punishments

    Excessive Capital Letters: Abuse of capital letters in a message. This sometimes can be
    when you choose to use caps lock instead of using shift for capitalizing a letter. If your
    message is deemed as using capital letters excessively you will be warned.

    Spamming Chat: Abusing chat by spamming a series of messages in a small amount of
    time. If you would like to say something in chat, and want to keep adding to it, please put it
    in one or two messages rather then "Spamming" the chat. If your series of messages are
    deemed as spamming chat you will be warned.

    Promoting Spam: Abusing chat by promoting spam by...​

    IMPORTANT Aquatic Skyblock - MAP 2 | June 29th @ 2PM EST

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    After viewing our first season as completely buggy, we decided to close Map 1. With all the glitches and bugs successfully fixed, we are back to introduce Aquatic Skyblock 2.0! This map has fixes from ALL Map One bugs as well as a couple new and awesome features!


    Lucky Blocks are cool new blocks which can be found from mining! These little blocks can give you unlucky items or epic, awesome items!


    Rewards consists of Money, Tokens, Keys, and much more! BEWARE! There are also many unlucky items such as Lava, Obsidian Traps, and many more.


    As mentioned above, you can receive these from mining(small chance), but you can also buy these from the store! store.reefcraft.net



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    Hello to all Divers! Welcome to the official announcement of ReefCraft Skyblock Aquatic Season 1!

    In this announcement, I will be highlighting the KEY FEATURES, that ReefCraft has to offer. There are numerous additions such as fishing, marriages, snapchat, island world edit, custom hoppers etc. It's safe to say that we shot for a "fun" theme this season!

    Island Top Rewards: ($750 TOTAL VALUE)
    1st Place: $75 PayPal + $300 Buycraft
    2nd Place: $50 PayPal + $200 Buycraft
    3rd Place: $25 PayPal + $100 Buycraft

    Prizes will be handed out to the island leader, which can then be distributed to the team.

    • ISLAND WORLD EDIT (Allowing users to select blocks and use in game money to set blocks)
    • REALISTIC FISHING (Fishing is a big part of the economy, fish have "fish power". Tire them...

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